2021 Online Application Form for

  1. Main Grants fund or

  2. The COVID-19 Emergency Fund or

  3. The Merchant Navy Fund

A To be eligible for either funding programme you will need to take our 'eligibility test'. Simply click on the 'Register' button and you will be taken to the test; if you are eligible you will then automatically access the grant application form.

B Grant Funding Guidelines are available to you as you work through the online application by clicking on the ? symbol alongside each question.

Once registered you can apply to our grants programmes, edit unfinished applications and enter new applications. There is no need to register each time you apply to us.

Click on the link below to view questions in advance.

Further help available: to discuss any aspect of a possible application call the Impact Team on 0208 248 5293 or email impact@seafarers.uk

Questions list - click here to see all questions in advance.


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